A Technology Training Center for girls and boys, Kinder to 12th grade. 

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A premiere technology club for children, in and around N. Scottsdale.  A family owned and operated, single location (not a franchise) offering a broad range of inspirational technology and engineering group classes and private tutoring. 

We offer weekly classes, camps, field trips, Minecraft birthday parties, robotics competition teams, and Saturday night hangouts.  Ages 5yrs to 17yrs old.

We are a…
    • community of “like-minded” technology enthusiasts
    • center for high level thinking and learning 
    • ton of fun!

Our classes

  •  Robotics: all levels up to and beyond High School
  •  Robotics Competition Teams
  • Game Design
  • 3D Printing
  •  Coding
  • Movie Making, green screening and claymation
  •  3D Animation
  • Underwater robots
  • Networking
  • Raspberry Pi and Python programming
  •  Minecraft birthday parties and more!

Why Choose Us?

  1. Low class ratios and personalized curriculum.  8:1 or less.
  2. Engineers and Certified Teachers on staff.  An Engineer with 15+yrs of experience and a MIT Masters degree owns the business, and teaches many of the classes!
  3. High tech equipment and an ample supply of materials.  
Courses begin the week of August 24th. Kindly email requests and inquires

This is a FUN two hour, one day workshop! This workshop will teach your child how to edit a Pokemon ROM and change the starter Pokemon game; as well as, Pokemon moves, looks, towns and even their own gym teachers. Ages 8-12yrs. No experience needed.

Ever want to learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube or solve it quickly? This event is the start of Rubik’s Cube Speed Cubing and what you need to know to compete. All skill levels welcome. In addition to instructional videos and hands on learning time, we will have a friendly competition at the end of this one day, four hour workshop. There are two dates to choose from. Saturday 5pm-9pm. Bring your dinner or add pizza and drink to your order. Ages 9+yrs. This is most likely part I or a two part or more series. Free for Robotics Competition Team Members! Bring or buy your own food. Check out Jr Cubing for 7-9yr olds too!

7-9yrs old. Sat. 9/12, 5-7pm. Optional hangout 7-9pm. Intro to Rubik’s Cube and basic patterns to solving it. Fun and friendly speed challenge at the end of the workshop. Discount for registered students.

The first Saturday of every month from 6-9pm.  Ages 8+ years old.